Truly contactless payment & digital menu

Make contactless payment possible in your restaurant. Save time to your customers and personnel, soon with digital order and menu.

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Potrefená Husa
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Taking payment can't be any easier

Taking payment
can't be any easier

True contactless payment

Customers pay their bill themselves, without necessity asking the waiter. Minimisation of contact for better safety to them and your waiting staff.

Saves time to customers & personnel

Your customers don't have to wait for the bill and the waiting staff can pay full attention to service instead of lengthy dividing the bill.

Higher tips

Customer satisfaction is reflected in tips as well. Up to 40 % higher tips than if paid via payment terminal.

Loyalty program

Motivate your customers to frequent visits and reward them for loyalty. What about discount for next visit?

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Contactless payment

The payment is really contactless with Qerko

Customers pay their bill without the assistance of personnel, without printed receipt. Payment by Qerko protects both them and your waiting staff.

Loyalty program

Change your customers to your regulars

Every Qerko customer can be your loyalty program member. Without necessity of plastic cards. Just activate the program and the rest is on us.

Customer analysis

Get to know your customers and their wishes

The most loyal customers


86 visits


60 visits


36 visits


24 visits

Customer analysis

Get to know your customers and their wishes

Feedback directly from paying customers? No problem with Qerko. Check what customers visit you often, what do they like to order and what they think about the service.

Supported payment methods

Make your customers decide how they want to pay

With Qerko, your customer can pay by credit card, meal voucher card or Apple Pay.
Let them decide.

Qerko is green

Thanks to paying by Qerko, there is no more printing of receipts. Receipt is sent to the customer via e-mail. And in your POS systém, everything stays the same way you are used to. You save so much paper thanks to Qerko.

From every single payment, we contribute to Green Life project to save rain forest in Leuser ecosystem in Indonesia, leading world oxygen "factory".

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Integration with leading POS systems

Easy setting

Thanks to integration with main Point of Sale systems you can have Qerko
in your restaurant within a little while

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* Point of sales currently in integration process.

Do you want Qerko but you have different POS system?