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Is dividing of bills wasting time for your waiters?

Complicated dividing of bills is comfortable neither for waiters nor for your customers. Offer them comfortable paying by Qerko app and get a loyalty program.

New way how people want to pay in restaurants

Nowadays, people look for comfort . Your staff and customers will love this new way of paying the bill or its part!

Qerko app will bring you new customers and gives you information about those current ones.

Your staff will not waste time dividing the bill for 8 people!

When your customers find Qerko code on the table, they can pay and divide bills themselves.

Your staff can do the most important thing - to serve the waiting customers.

Qerko app will be conected to your POS so you don’t need to change anything

Qerko application is directly implemented to a POS. You only need to sign a contract with us and the second day you can accept Qerko payments in your restaurant.

As soon as the customer pays the bill with Qerko, everything is immediately seen in the POS, so the staff and you are informed about everything.

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*The POS system will complete the integration of Qerko soon.

Reward your loyal customers and motivate them to return to your restaurant more often

The smart loyalty program that you set up once and Qerko app takes care of everything.

Qerko app offers advantages and special offers for your loyal customers without any administration for you. Have you ever been able to communicate with your customers out of your restaurant and offer them a loyalty program without boring cards which the customers really don’t want to take with them.

*Loyalty program in the application Qerko already in autumn

Information about your customers that you couldn’t have until now!

Qerko How many new vs. permanent customers do you have? How often do customers return to your restaurant? For which meal do they return? Are they satisfied? When not, why?

Can your restaurant be more ecological?

When customers pay by Qerko app, your restaurant doesn’t have to print paper receipt.

The receipt will be sent to customers' e-mail. Everything is still in your cashier software as you were used to have it. Moreover, for each of ecological payment we contribute to plant new trees around us.