Qerko makes your job easier and increases your tips

Qerko is a mobile app that allows your guests to pay directly from the table. No more “together or separate?” and no more long lines waiting at the bar. That means more time to take care of your customers. As you know, happier customers tip better!


Quick, safe, and convenient
These days, it’s safer if the customer can minimize contact by paying with their own phone. It’s also faster and easier for everyone!

It saves you time
Waiting around while customers try to remember how many beers of lemonades they had is now a thing of the past.

Up to 40 % higher tips
Qerko users tend to be quite generous. Tips from Qerko are up to 40 % higher when compared to paying via terminal.


Happy customers = better tips

In the app, the default tip is set to 10%. From data we can tell you that people who are happy with their service don’t usually lower it.


You keep track of payments

You don’t have to worry about a guest leaving without paying. Qerko is paired with your POS system, so you can always see the payment status of each table.


Technology makes work easier

The Qerko app improves the experience of both sides. You spend less time managing payments, and more time building a better relationship with your customers.


How does it work?

1. The customer scans the QR code

They can find it on the tables at your restaurant.

2. They select their items and your tip

Once their order is in the POS system, they can see and pay for their items via the app.

3. And … that’s it!

After paying, you’ll receive a notification in the POS and the customer is free to go.

Want to learn more about how Qerko works? See our FAQs or write us an e-mail at