The world’s most convenient way to pay at a restaurant

No more waiting on the staff to bring your bill. No more waiting in line at the bar. Just scan Qerko on the table and pay.
And don’t worry – the staff knows that you’ve paid. So you’re free to get back to doing awesome things, you rockstar. 😎

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Payments that actually bring joy

Unbelievably easy payments
Your entire group of friends can split the bill from the table – no waiter required. Everyone scans the QR code, picks which items to pay for, adds a tip, and voilà! ✨

Every local menu is in your pocket
”Where are we eating today?” just got a whole lot easier. Flip through the online menus of all places near your location – complete with pictures and descriptions!

Keep tabs on your tab
Forget how many beers you had (🍻 *hic*)? Want to remember the name of the meal you had? Just scan the QR code to see everything that you ordered. No more wondering!

For regulars just like you

How about a free beer or dessert every 5th visit to your favorite restaurant? All without punch cards or other nonsense in your wallet.

Qerko lets you automatically earn rewards through every purchase, and you can cash them in directly from the app (no staff required).

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Restaurants choose their own loyalty rewards, and not all businesses participate in the loyalty program.


Less wasted paper and more love for nature

When you pay with Qerko, you get a digital receipt instead of a useless piece of paper. That’s not all — for every payment, Qerko makes a small donation to the Green Life project, which is committed to buying and protecting rainforests in Indonesia. We only have one planet, so it’s important to take care of it.


How to pay with Qerko

1. Scan the QR code

It’s on the table at your favorite restaurant

2. Choose which items to pay for
Select them from the bill and enter a tip

3. Pay and leave worry-free
That’s it! The staff has been informed.


Great app! Tried it for the first time and I’ve gotta say it’s super simple. I paid and left the restaurant without having to wait.

MatyCZ93, AppStore (Translated from CZ)

Wonderful app. Everyone I know who uses it seems to like it. One suggestion though, let me write feedback even if I’m giving 4 or 5 stars. Sometimes you want to tell them that the food was extra good. 😁

Nottakennickname54, AppStore (Translated from CZ)

This is now the only way I want to pay. It’s fast, clear, you don’t have to wait, and it’s a great solution for tipping. I wish they had it in every pub.

Honza Průša, AppStore (Translated from CZ)