Qerko saves you time and improves your customers’ experience

We’re a smarter way to pay and allow your customers to order from their table without waiting. Qerko is an ideal solution for restaurants of any size or layout.


Maximizing table turnover has never been easier

Save your staff up to 5 hours a day
Qerko will never replace your staff, but it does help make their jobs a lot easier. So even if you're short-staffed, you can still give great service to your customers.

Safe and easy payments from the table
Customers can pay their bill all by themselves using a QR code — no waiter needed! This keeps everyone safe.

Up to 40 % bigger tips
Happy customers leave bigger tips! Tips through Qerko tend to be up to 40% higher than from a terminal.


Offer your customers a fun and rewarding loyalty program

Stop filling up your customer’s wallets with useless paper cards. Create a fully digital loyalty program which gets applied automatically after each payment. Less fumbling through wallets — more free coffees and desserts! This gives them a perfect reason to keep coming back! 


Get to know your customers better

Start getting valuable insights into your regulars and what they like — and what they don’t like! Learn their favorite orders, and even send them tailored offers and marketing campaigns. All safe, secure, and fully GDPR compliant.


Never miss out on selling that second beer

Even when your staff is busy, customers can still add more items to their order at any time. Help them have as many drinks, starters, and desserts as they’d like!


Let your customers order for take away

No more waiting in the queue to order from your menu. Your customers can easily order and pay via the app and then just pick it up when the meal is ready. Customers will save for the delivery and you save the provision to delivery companies. Take away orders work independently on your POS system.


Let customers pay however they want

From the Qerko app, your customers can pay by credit card, Apple Pay, or even through meal voucher cards! Give them the freedom to pay how they’d like.


Go green! Help the planet and your bottom line by ditching paper receipts

Tired of printing receipts, just so that you can throw them away 10 seconds later? Stop the nonsense by instantly emailing customers their receipts. You, your customers, and the trees will all be much happier.


“We see Qerko as a clearly positive solution. It benefits both our guests and waiters, especially during lunch time, when it saves both parties a lot of time. Also, the staff appreciates the 10% tips as a default, which most customers do not change.”


60 %

Qerko users who return and make repeat payments

26 %

Increase in avg. tip compared to using the terminal

10 hours

Time saved by customers in just the first 14 days


Pivo Karlín is a big restaurant in the Karlin district of Prague. It has about 200 seats indoors, and can sit another 150 people in the garden. It’s always full at lunchtime, and it takes a few minutes for each guest to pay.


11 hours

Time saved by the staff in just the first 14 days

25 %

Increase in avg. tip compared to using the terminal

28 hours

Time saved by customers in just the first 14 days


Automat Churchill is a restaurant from the Perfect Canteen group. It’s located in Prague 2 in the Deloitte office building. They have a unique concept where every process in the restaurant is automated.



User-feedback in the first 14 days

45 %

Qerko users who return and make repeat payments

6 hours

Time saved by customers in just the first 14 days


Setup couldn’t be easier

Thanks to our integration with the most popular POS systems, setting up Qerko in your restaurant can be done in a matter of days.


Want Qerko, but don’t see your restaurant’s POS system listed here?

Contact us at sales@qerko.com and we’ll find a solution.