Team of professionals enthusiastic about making your payment experience smooth and enjoyable

We are Qerko, pronounced as [:Kverko:]. Through our app, we help to get new technologies and digitalization to gastronomy and make customers enjoy their visit. And help the staff a bit as well. We are a young company with big plans. Altogether, we work, we learn and have fun, too. We bet on energetic and talented individuals who form the team and develop our product.



Lukáš Kovač

Lukáš is the founding father of the Qerko idea and also the product boss. His goal is to lead the company so it can break all the stereotypes and old-fashioned habits in gastronomy.


Head of sales

Jakub Dolanský

Jakub has a long experience with managing sales team, so his task in Qerko is to get the product wherever possible. All over the world, of course.

Tel.: +420 607 058 771


Head of Marketing

Ondřej Novotný

Ondřej is the one dealing with all marketing and PR stuff in Qerko. His aim is to spread the Qerko fantastic product all over.



Míla Mrvík

Míla is responsible for all the backend development of Qerko, so everything runs safely and smoothly. Let’s be honest, Qerko wouldn’t exist without him.


Engineering, Android development

Jan Dorazil

Everything regarding the Android app is Honza’s responsibility. He has a lot of experience in development of Android apps and his input is very important for the whole product.


Engineering, iOS development

Roman Kantor

Roman is our iOS guy. So all the cool features, such as Apple Pay, App Clip and the iOS app in general...yep, his job.


Business Development

Viktor Tecl

Viktor is the one, who takes care of all the Qerko partnerships and its development. Whatever segment it is - gastro, retail or e-comm, he is the right guy to talk to.